Shifting Context Book Launch -- A Successful Celebration!

Thank you for all the positive feedback on the book launch of Shifting Context:  Leadership Springs from Within.

 We heard --

·        I think everyone here felt the love today and thought the stories shifted them.”

·        I often use the example of a pebble dropped into the pond and then the ripple effect. To me this book is an ocean wave.”

·        This is a great example of having a vision, being resilient, and always reaching deep within to find that strength. That was what was shared today.”

We envisioned the launch to be a celebration, and it was, with more than one hundred of you joining us. Many people collaborated to prepare for the event and facilitate it. From our hearts, we are grateful to everyone, especially Erin Perkins, Phyllis Brock, Tanya Bunger, and Sara Alepin. 

Shifting was only possible because of the women and men who willingly gifted us their stories. Of those, what a delight it was to hear six of them read a portion of their story and highlight its importance in their lives. To relive some of that experience or to be part of it for the first time, there will be a series of videos accompanying our next few newsletters and on our new website – Here is an example of Barbara Bylenga reading from her chapter on I Will Not Grow Old Without Making a DifferenceLINK

Now a new surprise – several of the people with stories in the book volunteered to do a “deep dive” into how their work and lives are illustrations of the 21st century leadership principles from Shifting! Over the next months, Sema Basol, Alma Cota de Yanez, Smarita Sengupta, Ashlie Bryant and others will join us for their own sixty-minute program. Information on registering for the first one on March 2nd entitled The Ripple Effect – Changing Context Touches Others is on the event page.   

How silly of us to think that our lives would be less busy after the publication and launch of the book. In fact, when we committed to offering a workshop on writing compelling invitations this month, we overestimated what we could accomplish. We are postponing that workshop and our gift of the guide to March. We will send out a notice to those of you who purchased the book in a few days.

Meanwhile, if you bought the book, please consider writing a review on Amazon or wherever you purchased it. Those from early reviewers are contained on at the bottom of the home page.  

Shifting Context, the book for entrepreneurs, social activists, and leaders is now for sale from Amazon!