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Book Overview

The authors will provide a one-to-two-hour overview of Shifting Context.  They will talk about real social change and the leadership principles that contribute to it. If your organization is passionate about creating social impact, your members will be inspired to think and act. The stories of leaders from around the world bring social change efforts to life. They bear witness to people who have taken on the challenge of demonstrating that leadership starts from within.

These courageous people have adopted new ways of listening, of shedding limiting beliefs, and of connecting deeply with what they care about. They are examples of people living up to one’s leadership potential and, through that process, creating extraordinary results. The presentation about the book will make the invisible visible. The audience will learn about how various ways of shifting context lead to being successful activists. 

Care About

Finding out what you care about is fundamental to the process of shifting context. After a brief overview of what context is, this highly interactive session will focus on one or more ways of discovering or deepening your understanding of your purpose. It will talk about how knowing what you care about personally can be expanded into conversations about that topic in organizations as well as families. The audience will leave knowing how conversations about care can create meaningful relationships based on mutual understanding. 

Vision & Commitment

A vision can be imagined about a nation, a community, a movement, a project, or a person. This session will focus on understanding the role of vision in society and in our personal lives.  Mahatma Gandhi’s “A free India” have had an impact on the course of history, altering millions of lives. Gandhi’s words changed the context in which people lived. Personal visions and commitments such as “I will live a healthy life” are their own guideposts. During the session, people will learn about the power of using images to express their visions.

Listening & Questioning

Listening and asking questions are the fundamentals of communication. They are also two of the most powerful tools that leaders must shift the culture and effectiveness of their organizations, communities, and movements.  This session focuses on how often our listening is filtered through past experiences and how to make it more effective in order to lead others in a generative way.

Embodying Leadership

Embodiment is a highly dynamic state that portrays our values. It is when our actions consistently reflect our values and our commitment, especially under pressure. In other words, our values animate being and all our actions. This session will focus first on our values and then on exercises to create congruence in our body.

Empowering Interpretations

It is human nature to instantaneously attach an interpretation to everything we see, hear, and experience. Unfortunately, many of those interpretations are negative conclusions based on our filters. A conscious leader takes a second look at these automatic conclusions to see if there is a way to interpret the circumstances that forwards what they care about. An empowering interpretation is one that opens possibilities for positive action. This session will explore ways of designing empowering interpretations and making compelling invitations.

A Selection of Sheroes/Heroes

A session can be tailored to introduce any of the Sheroes, or Heroes featured in Shifting Context. Depending on the needs of your organization, contact the authors to discuss the design.